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We’ve been getting 5-star reviews from savvy Brooklynites and New Yorkers for over 20 years

Dr.Khosrof is one of the most knowledgeable doctors in his field. My family and I have been his patients for years and he has never failed to provide us tip top service and always does what’s safest for us and our eyes…


I want to talk about Dr. Samer, he is extremely professional and kind and he has the latest equipment and great staff. He’s very caring about his patients and takes the time to explain.


When I 1st entered the office the waiting room was overcrowded, but they took me in after waiting about 10 minutes. I received 1st class treatment, the staff, as well as the doctor, were friendly and most importantly knowledgeable. My experience was a positive one and I will be back for my regular check-ups.


Dr Khosrof is very thorough and talks you through your procedure. His assistant is equally wonderful. Very caring staff and can’t say enough about the doctor!


Dr. Khosrof is an outstanding physician and surgeon with a great bedside manner. As a fellow Ophthalmologist, I have always been impressed by his talent.


Dr. Khosrof improved my eye sight from 20/400 to 20/80. I had previously see 2 other retina specialists and 1 optometrist and none of them were able to help me. He’s terrific!

I. F.

Phenomenal Doctor! Dr. Khosrof is a really wonderful Doctor. I personally am extremely nervous when I go for doctors appointments, but Dr. Khosrof makes you feel comfortable. In addition, his treatment is very gentle and his advice is very genuine. He cares for his patients, his staff, and he is really a phenomenal medical service provider.


I had my LASIK surgery done here and it was quick and easy and thankfully the surgery went really well. The staff were amazing and the doctor walked me through the surgery step by step, so it was very calming for me. I would recommend Doctor Samer A. Khosrof to my friends and family.

A. A.

Dr. Samer Khosrof is so professional, everybody there is very kind. The new material gave me no pain at all. The next day I was able to drive and see normally. I felt free with myself. I’m so excited and happy – once again thank you everybody!

F. T.

My vision is actually 20/10 now – even better than normal human vision! It’s insane, I’ve never seen this well before even with great glasses. If you’re looking for someone who will do a thorough job, this is the guy. As a heads up, his practice largely serves the Arab community, so a lot of his office staff speak both English and Arabic, and the signs are in both English and Arabic. He is definitely the real deal with respect to experience and educational background, so don’t discount him if that makes you feel uncomfortable!

O. D.

Dr. Samer Khosrof is an excellent LASIK surgeon. Just had the LASIK operation done by him a couple days ago, and my vision is perfect, I was able to see perfectly within the next day. He is extremely professional and kind. He has the latest LASIK machines and had it upgraded recently. He is the person to go to if you’re trying to get rid of your glasses. Also, answers any questions that you may have on your mind about your eyes and explains to you, that you have an understanding on what is happening. His staff is great and always tries to make you comfortable.

M. I.

I had my LASIK surgery done a few weeks ago by Dr. Samer Khosrof and I am so happy and excited to be glasses and contacts free – I no longer have to worry about sanitizing, applying and removing contacts! The procedure was painless and took less than 30 seconds, the results were great and the recovery was so quick! I am so glad I took this step although I was very hesitant and nervous the only thing I regret is actually waiting that long to get it done! I would like to thank Dr. Samer Khosrof and his amazing team for everything they have done. They answered all my questions and concerns I was informed on what to expect day-before, day-of, and day-after the operation. They’re all very friendly and knowledgeable. For anyone who is considering having LASIK surgery – don’t wait longer it is definitely worth it and life-changing and no one could have done it better than Dr. Samer Khosrof!

S. S.

Staff is very professional. Dr. Khosrof takes his time with patients and answers all questions. He does not rush at all, makes patients feel very comfortable. He explains everything regarding your eye issue. I am fully satisfied and will recommend him as an Ophthalmologist.


I honestly wish that there were more doctors like Dr. Khosrof. He is so patient and I feel he really cares about the wellbeing of everyone that comes in. Some doctors will try rush you out and just throw prescriptions at you without explaining anything. But Dr. Khosrof really takes the time to get to know my individual eyes and my individual situation. I am confident that my eyes will be in the best shape in his hands.


Are you looking for the best, most trusted ophthalmology? Then you’re in the right place. I am very impressed with my experience at this doctor’s office. Dr. Khosrof is very knowledgable and helpful and his staff are very friendly. He is my doctor since 2008. I had problems since I was born with my eyes, for years and years I went to many doctors famous around world to help me with vision and diagnose my problem, yet, they couldn’t do it. Only Dr. Khosrof was able to! He is only doctor that knows my problem. I did 3 surgeries with him in both of my eyes, and all of them were 100% successful. Not only that, with each visit he took his time with me and always provided the absolute best care, best advice and treatment during every visit. I highly recommend this doctor to anyone that needs an eye specialist. He is the best!


Dr. Khosrof is a very dedicated person. He worked vey hard on my eyes for six months to preserve my sight. I can not thank him enough.


Although the wait was a bit longer than expected, it was well worth it due to the care I received. I am used to doctors rushing or not taking the time to explain things. Dr. Khosrof demonstrated a professional level of care, concern and took his time to explain everything. I would highly recommend an appointment with him!


My dad has been going to this doctor for a few years since he got diagnosed with diabetes. He is a great doctor. Always spends a good amount of time with my father. He has kept my dad’s vision stable and even made it better. Thanks for taking care of my dad Doc!


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Dr. Samer Khosrof | Ophthalmologist

Dr. Samer Khosrof is a top eye surgeon in New York City with over 25 years of experience treating complex eye conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related eye conditions.

His extensive experience enables him to stay on top of the latest treatments available. He believes in the efficacy of medical technology and has the expertise to deploy the newest diagnostic and treatment techniques to treat his patients with 100% confidence.

When you become a New York Eye & Retina Clinic patient; you’re a Samer Khosrof patient first. This means he sees you before your surgery, he performs your surgery, and he provides your aftercare. In the end, you’re his patient, and he takes that responsibility very seriously.

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