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Have you developed cataracts?

These challenges may sound familiar…

You have cataracts

Your eyes natural lens is stiffening. This is causing cloudiness and decreased vision. Left untreated, your sight will eventually fade into total darkness.

You might feel older than you are

Depleting self-confidence, low self-esteem and fear of falling can trigger depression and anxiety. You just want to relax and be happy.

Are you slowing down?

Your mobility might be restricted and communication ineffective if you can’t read facial expressions. Your increased dependency on others might make you feel incompetent and undervalued.

It’s time to embrace cutting-edge techniques

Stop letting cataracts affect your quality of life. Modern advances have made cataract surgery one of the most successful and life-improving surgical procedures. It’s time to revive your eyes.

Cataracts explained

In the toggles below we explain everything you need to know about cataracts

A cataract occurs when your eyes natural lens begins to cloud. This cloudiness causes a decrease in your vision that can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Cataracts are common in older adults, and symptoms include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Difficulty reading in dim light
  • Poor vision at night
  • Glare and halos around lights
  • Double vision
  • Frequent changes in the prescription of glasses

Cataracts often develop slowly and painlessly as we age, although the exact cause is not clear.

You have an increased risk of cataracts if you:

  • Have a family history of cataracts
  • Smoke
  • Are diabetic
  • Have had an eye injury
  • Use steroids
  • Drink too much alcohol

To determine whether you have a cataract, we will review your medical history, symptoms, and perform an eye examination.

This will include:

  • Visual acuity test to measure how well you can read a series of letters
  • Slit-lamp examination
  • Retinal exam

Cataract surgery

The most effective way of treating cataracts if you wish to eliminate or reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses, is cataract surgery. This is where we use surgical methods to replace your natural lens with an artificial lens.

New advances and techniques have made cataract surgery one of the most successful and life-improving surgical procedures performed. We offer the latest procedures available to help remove cataracts and restore your vision, including the placement of intraocular lenses.

We perform most cataract surgeries on an outpatient basis, and more than 95% of surgeries improve vision.

When should I have cataract surgery?

We suggest considering cataract surgery when your cataracts begin to affect your quality of life or interfere with your ability to perform normal daily activities, such as reading or driving at night.

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